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Creating Content for the Minecraft Marketplace
All members are welcome and encouraged to create and share ideas.
Pixel Artist
Creating Minecraft skins, resource packs, or models. Experience in pixel art is a plus.
Add-on Creator
Create behaviors, assemble the Add-on package to include assets such as textures, models, and sounds, and more.
Create structures, landscapes and more using building plugins in Minecraft Java and Bedrock edition
Create marketing art such as renders of Minecraft builds, characters, models, and typography.
Video Creator
Create promotional content, skills in video editing, animating rigs, and recording in-game footage.
JavaScript Developer
Developers should be familiar with the Bedrock API and have experience creating addons.
3D Modeller
Create Minecraft models in BlockBench. Modeling is an important part of almost all of our projects.
Animate characters in BlockBench and preferably in a 3D modelling program too (such as Blender).
Create complex redstone and command block contraptions.

Application Form

Application Form
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